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Using Node.js and coffee-script to send subversion commit notification emails

A small team at work is using a Subversion server for managing the code of various automation scripts and other things. The server is a Windows server and has the CollabNet flavor of Subversion installed on it with it running a Windows service exposing the SVN protocol for clients to connect to. I had to start doing some occasional stuff with these repositories and thought it would be useful to have it send out an email notification whenever someone committed something.

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Controlling Java from Node.js – a simple JSON based RPC protocol

This is an introductory example of creating a simple JSON based protocol for communicating with a Java program from a Node.js JavaScript application. You might want to do this if, for example, there is a Java library that gives some sort of fantastic benefit that you’d have a problem replicating in a Node.js script by itself. In this example, we will only be sending some basic message back and forth. In a more real world scenario, and a future article I plan on writing, you could have messages that do whatever you want on the Java side so that those actions would then be controllable from the Node side.

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