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A simple Magic 8 Ball costume that actually works

A working Magic 8 Ball costume.

A working Magic 8 Ball costume.

I was keeping my usual self quite busy this past Halloween. I wanted to do an original costume that I created myself for wearing to weekend parties. Unfortunately, with my busy schedule, I put it off until pretty much the last couple of nights. With Halloween actually coming early during the week, I lost the luxury of the weekend to work away on it. So, having to do a rush, last-minute job after work, and wanting to do something novel, I thought of how the iPad has accelerometers and I could take advantage of it to make a working Magic 8 Ball costume! You shake the belly, you see the answer float away and back with a new random answer. Totally do-able, easy! Oh … and you don’t even need to be a software developer to do this. You don’t need a Mac nor Xcode to create the app, as this app is just a simple webpage and some JavaScript.

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