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Organizing Outlook using the Razer Naga MMO 17-button mouse

A couple of years ago, or so, I bought a mouse with a ludicrous number of buttons on it. The life of the Razer Naga MMO is intended to be spent helping its owner slay monsters in video games. The five top buttons and twelve side buttons can seem overwhelming at first. But all seventeen can be put to good use after some practice, even at the office.

One of my several Razer Naga MMO mice.

One of my several Razer Naga MMO mice.

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Adding simple, sexy help to your Access application

I was recently granted the honor of taking over maintenance of an internal Access application at my day job. One could view this as a side effect of openly knowing things about many technologies where others don’t. Anyways, this application was written by a project management group and was not created by experienced programmers. They did an okay job with the system, but one useful feature that was missing was any sort of help information for the different forms in the application. One of the first things I did was add this help feature to every single form. Continue reading

Excel byte bits and reversed bit order bytes

I forget now the reason why I came up with this spreadsheet real quick one day. I’m sure it was to help explain something to somebody at work, but I digress. This is a neat little bit of math and a fun spreadsheet to look at. It shows all 255 values available to a single byte, the bits, and then the reversed bit ordering and its corresponding decimal value. I also added some conditional formatting to give it a touch of visual spice. Continue reading